Debugging Guide

WiFi Configuration

To connect Sensio Air devices to WiFi, please follow the steps for each device, configuring them one-by-one to avoid any errors.

1. Plug in

Please take one device and plug it into the power source using a USB Micro B cable on the front of the device.

2. Enter Setup Mode

If you see a solid BLUE light, then your device is already in Setup Mode and is ready to be configured. Go to step 3.

If not, please HOLD DOWN the RIGHT button for around 20 seconds to enter the Wi-Fi Setup Mode.

The device will start blinking BLUE light until it will reset.

When the device will enter the Wi-Fi setup mode, it will emit a solid BLUE light.  This informs us that the device is ready to be connected with the desired Wi-Fi.

3. Connect to the WiFi

Please open the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile phone or desktop and connect to the Wi-Fi network which begins with SensioAir.

4. Open the Configuration page

Once connected, please open the web browser in the mobile phone browser and go to the URL address:

If you encounter difficulties accessing the page, kindly deactivate any additional internet connections, such as 4G or 5G.

5. Configure

On the website, you will see a list of all the detected Wi-Fi networks. Please select the desired one, enter the password and click Connect.

6. Ready!

  1. Device is ready

After a successful connection is made by the Sensio Air, the device will configure itself and a solid GREEN light should be visible after a couple of seconds.

About the LED

The LED indicates the state of your Sensio Air device. Each colour corresponds with an unique state.


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