Take control of your allergy health, at the micron level

If you suffer from allergies including mold, dust mites, animal dander and pollen, get insights to learn about your specific triggers with air data from Sensio Air.

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Understand your air

Patented Particle Detection

Track the levels of the most allergenic particles in your air, and never wonder what's causing your symptoms again.


Grass Pollen, Tree Pollen
& Weed Pollen

Pet Dander

Hair, skin and allergenic shedding from cats, dogs and mice

Dust Mites

European and American acarids (dust mites)


Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and other allergenic spores

Take the air quality challenge

Discover if you’re sharing your home with mold, pollen, dust mites or pet dander - and find out exactly what you can do about it.

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Track mold and allergens inside your home and office

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Understand Your Air

Discover what you're breathing

Finally, there is a way to see the smallest particles such as mold and dander so you can take the appropriate actions for you and your family, in real time!

Monitor & Prevent

Log your allergy and asthma symptoms

Log symptoms at the tap of a screen to find out exactly what's causing your respiratory issues. The app will also inform you if you're suffering from a common cold or hay fever.

Live In Comfort

Tailored advice, warnings and recomendations

Featuring tailored advice and warnings when allergens or pollution levels are high, the Sensio Air app will help you stay in control of your health. It will also provide you with tailored recommendations from allergy specialists to help you keep your symptoms at bay.

Improve your health at home

With unprecedented insights into the air you are breathing, you can take the right actions, at the right times and amounts to match the contaminants in your air. 80% of Sensio users report reduced reliance on antihistamines after 1 year.

Download the App
Download the App

Track & Monitor

Receive daily pollutant and allergen insights

Track the pollen count and pollution levels as they change in your area.

Tree Pollen

Tree pollen levels start to rise as soon as winter comes to an end

Grass Pollen

Grass pollen is commonly the culprit behind spring hay fever

Harmful Gas

Harmful gases are produced by road traffic or industrial facilities

Particle Matter

Coarse and fine particulate matter particles cause asthma and irritation

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Sensio Air can improve your health at home, through our App and Air Care kit.

What is Sensio Air?

Sensio Air provides airborne pathogen monitoring in real-time. We’ve built a pathogen monitoring and identification device, as well as an interfacing mobile app and web dashboard, to allow users to monitor their environment for harmful particulate matter that may exacerbate allergies or cause other health and breathing problems.

Where are your devices located?

There are devices in 350 different cities that provide data for our App users. 

Can I order a device for my home?

Yes, Sensio Air is available for your home on a monthly subscription. Visit this link to learn more: Pricing

What does the App do?

The Sensio Air mobile application uses patented algorithms to link environmental allergen data with user driven symptom logs to provide with a statistical analysis of the culprit of their allergies.

Users can view the allergen levels near them, log their symptoms based on their type and severity, then access unique features such as symptom cause or personalised recommendations.

What can I do to prevent my allergy symptoms?

Depending on what you’re allergic to, there are a variety of different steps you can take. We recommend that you download our app and log your symptoms - you’ll then receive recommendations tailored to your needs!

Does Sensio Air help improve air quality?

We can monitor the air you breathe and make recommendations to improve your air quality accordingly.

Is the App free to use?

Yes, the Sensio Air iOS App is free to download and use.

How many people suffer from allergies?

More than 50 million people in the U.S. experience various types of allergies each year. Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S (https://www.aafa.org/allergy-facts/). Over 150 million people have allergies in Europe, the most common chronic disease (EAACI, 2014).

Can Sensio Air help if I have asthma?

Absolutely. The presence of allergens, pollutants, and other harmful particles may trigger and exacerbate asthma, or cause asthma attacks. Sensio Air can teach you how to properly maintain your environment. This helps to control symptoms and prevent allergic attacks so that respiratory triggers can be avoided and prescribed medicines, such as inhaled corticosteroids, can be utilised appropriately.