Helping Businesses and Consumers

Real-time allergen detection has far-reaching effects. For allergy sufferers, the benefits are obvious. Businesses can also benefit from early particle detection, and use this data to save significantly.

Elevating Luxury with Environmental Monitoring

Advanced environmental monitoring by enhancing the value proposition of luxury businesses.

Commercial and Residential Mold Monitoring

Mold growth in commercial and residential spaces poses significant health risks and financial burdens.

Understanding airborne pathogens in a large office space

Sensio Air's sensor provides continuous, real-time identification of airborne particles.

Detecting pollen, pet dander and mold presence

Study ran with a corporate partner on detecting pollen, pet dander and mold presence by our sensor.

Mold mitigation for indoor farming

A Colorado based indoor farmer with state-of-the art cultivation facility.

Seasonal study on 300 homes in Japan

Results available soon.

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