Hyper Dashboard User Manual


The Sensio Air sensor is the first allergen tracker able to identify allergens in the air in real-time. Currently, allergen detection is done manually by trained scientists using a spore trap (sticky tape) and analyzing it with expensive equipment.

Sensio Air is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and performs allergen characterization with an accuracy significantly superior to laboratory testing.

The sensor is updatable remotely to detect more particles based on the customer's needs.

The current version of the sensor is able to identify mold, dust mites, animal dander and pollen.

It's also able to monitor indoor parameters such as pollution (VOC and CO2) as well as temperature, humidity, noise levels and light intensity, some units might be fitted with one or more of these sensors.

The sensor data is available on the mobile application or on a web dashboard. This user manual is designed to guide the user through the Hyper dashboard features for device data viewing and downloading.

Registration and login

On your browser, you can access the Hyper dashboard using the following address:


If you are using the platform for the first time, please use the registration link that was sent to If you to be linked directly to your fleet. Alternatively you can use the "sign up here" link.

Please fill in your contact details including first name, last name, phone number, city, postal code then choose the temperature unit you'd like the dashboard to display.

Click on save then wait for your confirmation email to access the main dashboard page.

Fleet and device views

On the top right corner, please select your fleet to see your devices. If you select "Public Access" you can see devices for which the data is open to all on the platform. If your fleet contains different device versions, you can use the labels on the right to target each device category individually.

To access each sensor's data, please click on the sensor data button

  • The left panel shows the latest device readings and the device vitals
  • The centre graphs shows the particle graphed data.

The range can be selected with the upper buttons or toggled to daily view. Please The particle type can be toggled by clicking on the buttons on the right. Red buttons are selected and white ones are not.

Data download

To download data, please use the download button

Please make sure to select the correct date range and particle type you wish to download prior to clicking on the download button.

Next, select the datapoint frequency you'd like to save using the dropdown menu then click download CSV.

If you wish to change the data range or particle type, please close the window and change the selected buttons in the main view.

Please note that you can download multiple particle types' data at once.

For additional questions or support, please feel free to reach out to air@wlab.io