Sensio AIR Named Most Successful Start-Up to Come Out of Lebanon

Earlier this month, Sensio AIR CEO Cyrille Najjar and CSO Dr. Eve Tamraz Najjar presented Sensio AIR to an audience in the Mar Mikhael district of Beirut, Lebanon in the city’s very own Junkyard. Comprised of aspiring entrepreneurs, young CEOs and professionals, the crowd was introduced to Sensio AIR and its innovative products.

 Showcasing Sensio AIR (formerly known as White Lab) to the recently-launched Angel Investment Fund organised by Nicolas Sehnaoui - Lebanon's former Minister of Telecommunications – the founders were met with both praise and applause. Having presented alongside BandIndustries’ Roadie Tuner (a guitar gadget), the Sensio AIR founders were rewarded when the company was named one of the best start-up success stories to come out of the country.

 Launched by the former Minister (who is also Chairman of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub) and in collaboration with Angels Lebanon, the Angel Investment Fund also has support from Marwan Kheireddine, the Chairman of Al Mawarid Bank. Created with young CEOs from the auto, manufacturing and industrial fields, the fund was designed to encourage people to invest in tech start-ups.

 Speaking to, Nicolas Sehnaoui spoke of his aspirations for the fund.“We could make the CEOs aware of what is happening in the tech sector, raise their appetite in investing in it, and recruit them to become angels,” he said.“The idea is to show the angels to be that had they put money in Sensio AIR orRoadie two years ago, they would have multiplied their investments,” he continued. 



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